Dave is my secret weapon.

Aside from giving a really good sport specific massage, I have found Dave to be a very useful source of information.

I’ve asked him about how to deal with different aches and pains and he’s always able to provide me with great insight and methods on how to address them.
— Dylan Gleeson, Triathlete | North Vancouver

The treatment itself was fantastic, and I felt dramatically better afterwards.

He spent a lot of time explaining which exercises I could do at home to help fix my issues and why I needed them.

I have been studying mobility and anatomy for many years, and Dave really knows his stuff!
— Matthew Toth, Personal Trainer | Coquitlam

I have been going to Dave for several years and he always helps with my aches and pains.

He is a very caring , understanding, and knowledgable- knows just what it takes to fix my problems.
— Barb | North Vancouver

Excellent at pinpointing the exact area of your body that is the cause of pain. Even tight areas you didn’t know of!

I highly recommend Dave. You won’t be disappointed!
— Lynda McCoy | North Vancouver